Bulldog Library

Lawn Boy

on January 31, 2013

JF Paulsen    •    AR Reading Level: 4.3    •    AR Points: 2.0    •    Quiz #115808

LawnBoy.aspxWhen a twelve-year-old boy gets a riding mower for his birthday, his neighbors begin asking him to mow their lawns.  To his delight, they pay him forty dollars per lawn.  Soon he has more work than he can handle.  Rather than turn down the extra work, his neighbor Arnold suggests that he hire more people to help mow the lawns.  Arnold is a stockbroker.  He offers to teach the boy about finance and also to invest some of the boy’s money in the stock market for him.  Before he knows it, the boy has fifteen employees and an investment portfolio that includes a boxer named Joey Pow.  What will he do when his business becomes more than he can handle on his own?  How will he ever be able to explain everything to his parents?

In Lawn Boy, Gary Paulsen creates an exciting story that introduces readers to economic concepts, such as supply and demand.  While economics, finance, and the stock market seem like concepts unlikely to make for an interesting book, Lawn Boy uses these concepts, as a backdrop for a pager-turning adventure readers will love.  Lawn Boy is a short book that delivers a big story.  It is a memorable and enjoyable tale of happy accidents and financial success. Who knows, it may just inspire readers to explore capitalism and to achieve success in their own future ventures?  This book is fun to read and highly recommended.

Interest Level: grades 4-8

Paulsen, G. (2007). Lawn Boy. New York : Wendy Lamb Books.


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