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on February 1, 2013

JF Gordon    •    AR Reading Level: 7.0    •    AR Points: 20.0    •   Quiz #120835

Jacket.aspxWill Burrows love to dig holes.  He doesn’t just dig little holes in the ground; he digs elaborate underground tunnels.  Will and his father, a museum curator, spend their spare time excavating tunnels in search of archeological sites around their home town.  When Will’s father goes missing, Will finds a mysterious tunnel hidden behind a bookcase in his father’s basement office.  Together with his best friend Chester, Will sets out down this mysterious tunnel to explore the unknown and hopefully find his missing father.  What they find instead is a secret underground society called the Colony ruled by an evil sect called the Styx.  Can these two boys escape from the Colony?  Will they every see the light of day again?

Tunnels is a book that starts out slow, but becomes a thrilling adventure readers won’t want to put down.  Readers will grow attached to the wonderful characters created in this novel and root for them through the myriad dangers they encounter in this, the first part of their underground journey.  This book is written at a high reading level, and consequently, is better suited for more advanced readers; however, it is an excellent book choice for advanced readers who enjoy dystopian fantasy adventures and have the patience to read through the very slow beginning in order to get to the very exciting ending.  A word of caution: make sure you have access to the second book in the series, Deeper, because you will want to start it immediately after finishing Tunnels’ cliffhanger ending!

Genre: Dystopian Fiction  •  Interest Level: grades 4-8

Gordon, R. & Williams, B. (2008). Tunnels. New York: Chicken House.


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