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Edgar & Ellen: Rare Beasts

on February 11, 2013

JF Ogden    •    AR Reading Level: 6.2    •    AR Points: 3.0    •    Quiz #72385

JacketVile twins Edgar and Ellen live in a tall mansion on the bad side of town.  The garden is overgrown with weeds, the roses are dying, and the whole house is generally rundown and grimy, and this is just they way they like it!  After a long summer of playing a cruel and twisted version of hide-and-go seek, Edgar and Ellen have grown bored.  They have oodles of delicious ideas for wicked pranks to play on their unsuspecting neighbors, but without money how can they buy the stuff they need to carry out their nefarious plans?

Edgar and Ellen quickly hatch a devious plot that they believe will make them rich.  They will steal their neighbor’s pets, disguise them, and sell them as rare and exotic beasts!  Will anyone buy the twin’s monster creations?  What will happen if they get caught?

Edgar and Ellen are vile, mischievous, horrible children, and they would no doubt believe this to be high praise indeed!  They are rotten to the bone.  Readers will enjoy the antics of these two miscreants; however, readers likely will not root for these two protagonists to succeed in their cruel scheme.  In fact, readers might go through the entire book waiting for the twins to fail, but never-the-less, readers will enjoy the journey with this diabolical duo.

This is a darkly humorous book that is laugh out loud funny.  If your favorite holiday film is The Nightmare Before Christmas, or you think the Adams Family is the bee’s knees, than this offbeat book is for you.

Genre: Horror  •  Interest Level: grades 4-8

Ogden, C. (2006). Edgar & Ellen: rare beasts. New York : Aladdin.


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