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Sister’s Grimm: The Fairy Tale Detectives

on February 22, 2013

JF Buckley    •    AR Reading Level: 5.2    •    AR Points: 9.0    •    Quiz #104622


Sabrina and Daphne Grimm were devastated when their parents, their only family in the world, disappeared.  The police came and took the sisters to an orphanage where they spent years being bounced from one horrible foster home than another.  Now they are being shipped to a woman who claims to be their grandmother, the grandmother that their father told them had died years ago.  Worse yet, the woman who claims to be their grandmother may be crazy!  She thinks that a giant climbed down a bean stock and stepped on a farmhouse!  Sabrina is determined to escape, but Daphne wants to stay.  She likes this odd woman, and what if Relda Grimm is telling the truth?  Have Sabrina and Daphne found the home they have longed for?  Could fairy tales really be true?  Sabrina and Daphne must solve the mysteries of Ferryport Landing before it is too late!

The Fairy-tail Detectives is the first in the Sister’s Grimm series.  It introduces the reader to the world of the Everafters. Michael Buckley, has created a wonderful world which weaves together beloved elements of fairy tales, folk lore, and classic literature.  While the mystery of who released the giants should be relatively obvious to people familiar with fairy tales, this in no way detracts from the enjoyment of the story.  The real charm of this story is the re-imagining of familiar characters and magical objects into this new tale where giants are fought with Dorothy’s Silver Slippers, and Aladdin’s magic carpet is used to outrun Prince Charming and the Three Little Pigs.

Genre: Mystery  •  Interest Level: grades 4-8

Buckley, M. (2005). The Sister’s Grimm: the fairy tale detectives. New York : Amulet Books.


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