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The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

on February 27, 2013

JF Hahn    •    AR Reading Level: 4.4    •    AR Points: 4.0    •    Quiz #140166

Jacket.aspxFlorence is sent to live with her uncle and her aunt at Crutchfield Hall on a cold and stormy day in 1884. Her aunt takes an immediate dislike to her.  She quickly begins to compare Florence to her ‘perfect’ cousin, Sophia, who died in a tragic accident the year before.

Florence soon discovers that not every one thought Sophia was such a perfect child.  The servants at Crutchfield Hall are frightened of Sophia.  They say she is mean and vengeful … and still haunting Crutchfield Hall.  Can the dead really rise from the grave to haunt the living?  If so, can Florence stop Sophia before she wreaks her terrible revenge?

This is a very scary story!  It is not for the faint of heart.  But if you like a good scare, you will enjoy this haunting tale!

Written in the style of a Victorian ghost story, this book is a pager turner. Once started, readers won’t want to put this book down until the very end.  Mary Downing Hahn’s descriptions of the boney-fingered ghost who can control your mind to make you do her will creates a unique and terribly frightening apparition.  This terrifying horror book would be an excellent choice to read on a dark and stormy Halloween night.

Genre: Horror  •  Interest Level: grades 4-8

Hahn, M.D. (2010). The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall. Boston, MA : Clarion Books.


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