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on February 28, 2013

JF Abbott    •    AR Reading Level: 4.1    •    AR Points: 4.0    •    Quiz #106747


Tom is an average 7th grade boy.  He loves fast cars, especially the Cobra. He dreams of having superpowers, and has a crush on the cutes girl in his class, Courtney.  When a new girl named Jessica joins his class, his whole world changes.

Jessica was in an accident.  She was very badly burned.  Tom describes her as looking ‘melted’.  No one in his class wants to talk to Jessica or hold her hand during prayer time.  Even Tom shies away from her, but when his teacher asks him to bring her homework to her, Tom is forced to spend time to her.  They sit in her bedroom and talk.  The two almost become friends before Jessica must leave in order to pursue treatment elsewhere.  This brief time together helps to change both Tom and Jessica’s point of view on life and what really matters.

Firegirl is a simple story.  There is not much action.  Basically, a new girl enrolls in Tom’s class.  Tom takes her homework.  The class has an election for class president.  That’s it.

The brilliance of this book is the characters that Tony Abbott has created.  Tom and Jessica are relatable and compelling.  Readers who journey through this story will be left wondering what they would have done if they were in Tom’s shoes.  Would I treat Jessica as a friend?  Or would I avoider her like everyone else?

This is a story that will make you think, and it might even change your perspective on the world and the people you meet.

Interest Level: grades 4-8

Abbot, T. (2006). Firegirl. New York, NY : Little, Brown.


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