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Amulet: The Stonekeeper

on March 3, 2013

YA F Kibuishi    •    AR Reading Level: 2.0    •    AR Points: 1.0    •    Quiz #121996


Emily and Navin’s father died two years ago in a tragic automobile accident.  To get a new start, and to escape the painful memories of her lost husband, their mother has decided to move the family from the city to the country, into the house of her grandfather Silas Charnon.  The house is a little rundown, but working together, the family is determined to clean it, fix it, and make it a home.

While cleaning Emily finds Silas’ library.  It is full of weird animals, strange books, and the puzzles Silas created.  While exploring this room, Emily comes across an amulet.  The adventure begins when she puts the amulet on.  This adventure will lead them to a new world, a parallel earth, and put her entire family’s life in danger!

The Stonekeeper is the first in the Amulet series.  It is told in a graphic novel (comic book) format.  The use of the illustrations is absolutely essential as Kazu Kibuishi relies more on the graphics than the text to tell the story.  These illustrations convey action, magic, and the relay a great deal of information about the unique and occasionally bizarre inhabitants of Alledia.

This is a very good fantasy adventure.  It is highly recommended for all readers who enjoy either graphic novels or fantasy books.  It is also recommended for children who love art as the images are beautifully drawn and painted.

Genre: Fantasy  •  Interest Level: grades 4-8

ALA core collection of graphic novels

Kibuishi, K. (2008).  Amulet: the storekeeper. New York, NY : Graphix.


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