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Babymouse: Queen of the World

on March 7, 2013

JF Holm    •    AR Reading Level: 2.2    •    AR Points: 0.5    •    Quiz #104176


Babymouse’s life is not all that exciting.  Everyday she wakes up, brushes her curly whiskers, and tries to decide what to wear.  She has an annoying little brother, and a stack of homework she does not want to do.  She loves yummy cupcakes and good books.

Babymouse dreams of being Queen of the World, but in Babymouse’s school, Felicia Furrypaws is queen.  Felicia is the most popular girl in Babymouse’s class and she is having a sleepover.  Everyone who is anyone will be at that party!  Babymouse just has to get an invitation, but how?  Does Felicia even know she exists?

Babymouse is a little mouse with a BIG imagination!  Her daydreams take her from the depths of the vast ocean, to the isolation of outer space, and back in time to a Wild West saloon.  Readers too will be transported to a new world where mice and weasels love monster movies and where cats, pigs, and horses give each other makeovers. Babymouse’s larger-than-life personality, humor, and endearing fallibility combine to create a memorable character readers can relate to.

Babymouse: Queen of the World is the first in the Babymouse series.  It is a graphic novel (comic book) that is drawn in a simple, cartoon style.  The black and white illustrations are augmented with ubiquitous highlights of a bright candy pink throughout.  These simple drawings are a perfect complement to the humorous story.

Genre: Humor  •  Interest Level: grades 3-5

2006 ALA Notable Children’s Book

Holm, J. L., & Holm M. (2005). Babymouse: queen of the world. New York, NY: Random House.


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