Bulldog Library

Hunger Games

on April 2, 2013

YA F Collins    •    AR Reading Level: 5.3    •    AR Points: 15.0    •  Quiz #123740

Jacket.aspxPanem is divided into twelve regions.  For 74 years, each region has been required to give two tributes to fight in the Hunger Games.  The winner of the games earns fame and fortune.  The other 23 tributes reap only death.

Now it is time for the 74th Hunger Games.  Tributes must be chosen.  For District Twelve, the tributes will be Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark.  They will be pitted against each other in a life or death struggle to survive.  Who will win?  Who will die?  How will they survive the brutality of the other tributes, the cruelty of the capitol, and the deprivation of the Hunger Games?

Fast paced and exciting!  The Hunger Games is definite must read.  There is something in this book for everyone: action, romance and so much more.  This is a deeply moving novel of self-sacrificing love set in a dystopian world of starvation and cruelty where the threat of death lurks around every corner.

Before starting the series, parents and readers should beware that The Hunger Games is a violent book, and its sequels get progressively more violent.  Readers should also beware that as soon as they finish the first book they will want to immediately move onto the second and third books, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.  You will get hooked on this trilogy!  Readers should be sure they are ready to handle the violence in this book, and its sequels, before they start reading The Hunger Games.  Because of the extreme violence, it is recommended for older tweens and teens.

Bulldogs please note: The Hunger Games trilogy is not currently available at our school library.  However, read-alikes such as the City of Ember, Among the HiddenThe Unwanteds, or The Giver are available.  Additionally, Suzanne Collins’ first series the Underland Chronicles is available at the our school library.  Readers are highly encouraged to try these excellent read-alikes.  Readers specifically wanting The Hunger Games will have to check it out at the San Diego County Library. 

Genre: Dystopian Novel  •  Interest Level: grades 6 and up

2011 Young Adult Californa Young Reader Medal Winner

Collins, S. (2008). The Hunger Games. New York, NY: Scholastic.


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