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Abadazad: The Road to Inconceivable

on May 4, 2013

JF DeMatteis    •    AR Reading Level: 5.2    •    AR Points: 3.0    •    Quiz #107082

Abadazad bk 1

Imagine if Oz was a real country and L. Frank Baum really was the Royal Historian of Oz.  Imagine if the all of the beloved characters of Oz, the Tin-man, the Patchwork girl, Ozma, Polychrome the Rainbow’s daughter, etc., all really existed.  Imagine that Dorothy gave you her silver slippers so you could go to Oz.

This is exactly what happens to Kate.  She has grown up reading about the magical land of Abadazad.  She loves the magical characters in Franklin O. Davies’ classic fairy stories, like the Two-Fold Witch, Queen Ija, and Master Wix.  One day, out of the blue, her neighbor invites her to tea and gives her the magical blue orb that can transport her to the real Abadazad.  But, when she gets to Abadazad, she finds that Franklin O. Davies did not get the stories right and that the land of Abadazad can be more dangerous than she ever imagined!

Abadazad is a fantasy adventure told in a graphic hybrid format.  Most of the story is told through the text of Kate’s diary; however, the story very often switches from plain text to a lively and beautifully illustrated graphic novel.  The two formats are brilliantly integrated, and the story flows seamlessly between the two formats.  This book is a wonderful and uniquely creative example of just how good a graphic hybrid can be when the two formats are used harmoniously to complement each other and tell a genuinely interesting story.  This book is highly recommended for readers who enjoy graphic novels and for anyone who has ever wanted to travel to a magical fairyland like Oz (or Abadazad)!

Genre: Fantasy  •  Interest Level: grades 4-8

DeMatteis, J.M. (2006).  Abadazad: The Road to Inconceivable. (Mike Ploog, Illustrator).  New York, NY: Hyperion Books for Children.


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