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Dark Hills Divide

on May 5, 2013

JF Carman    •    AR Reading Level: 6.1    •    AR Points: 10.0    •    Quiz #86676


The land of Elyon is divided by the vast stone walls that were built to keep Bridewell safe from the evil forces that are said to live in the Dark Hills.  Twelve-year-old Alexa has lived all her life behind the safety of the these stone walls, but she longs to see what lies beyond.  Little does Alexa suspect that her family’s annual trip to Renny Lodge will yield her the opportunity to journey beyond the walls.  Nor could she ever dream that on her journey, she will find a shocking conspiracy, headed by a unknown traitor, that threatens to forever end the security of Bridewell.  Now Alexa must find a way to save her homeland.  Unable to trust anyone, even her own father, Alexa’s only allies will be the wild animals of the Dark Hills.  Can she figure out who the mysterious traitor is and save her home?

The Dark Hills Divide is the first in the Land of Elyon series.  It is a fantasy novel with political intrigue, mysteries that must be solved using cryptic clues and magical objects, and a quest to find the truth that no one but Alexa can find.  It is a good fantasy novel for readers who enjoy the fantasy genre.  While most of this book simply establishes the characters, setting, and problems that must be overcome, the ending of this novel provides a highly satisfying conclusion to this installment of Alexa’s adventures in the land of Elyon, and the epilog promises many more adventures to come in this book’s three sequels (and one prequel).

Genre: Fantasy  •  Interest Level: grades 4-6

Carman, P. (2005). The Dark Hills Divide.  New York, NY: Orchard Book.


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