Bulldog Library

Mister Monday

on May 10, 2013

JF Nix    •    AR Reading Level: 5.9    •    AR Points: 12.0    •    Quiz #70137


Arthur Penhaligon was destined to die of an asthma attack on a Monday morning, but as he lay dying, grasping for air, two strange men changed Arthur’s destiny forever!  These men, Sneezer and Mister Monday, gave Arthur a key shaped like the minute hand of a clock.  The instant that he touched the key he was able to breath again, and Arthur lived.

Desperate to get the key back, Mister Monday sends minions to attack Arthur and release a plague that threatens to turn into a sweeping epidemic.  With the lives of everyone he cares about at steak, Arthur must find a way to cure the plague!

Mister Monday is a surreal fantasy book.  It is a dream-like adventure with nightmarish monsters and bizarre characters.  Readers will journey through Garth Nix’s imagination into an unbelievable world wholly unlike anything else readers have likely experienced!

This is the first of seven books in the Keys to the Kingdom series.  Each book is set on a different day of the week, and in a different realm of the House.  If this first book is any indication, this series promises to be an utterly unique rollercoaster of an adventure.  This book may not be for everyone.  Readers who prefer realism in their books, may not enjoy this surreal book; however, readers looking for a unique fantasy experience should defiantly give this book a try!

Genre: Fantasy  •  Interest level: grades 5 and up

Nix, G. (2003). The Keyes to the Kingdom: Mister Monday. New York, NY: Scholastic.


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