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Rayearth II, volume 1: Magic Knight

on June 19, 2013

YA F Clamp

Jacket.aspxMagic.  Swords.  Pixies.  Giant fighting robots.  Rayearth is a action filled Manga adventure.

On a trip to Tokyo Tower, the Magic Knights are summoned back to the magical world of Cephiro.  They return to find their beloved Cephiro on the verge of destruction.  After the death of the Pillar of Cephiro, this magical world is collapsing.  To make the situation worse, it is under attack from three neighboring worlds all wanting to seize Cephiro and become its new Pillar.

Will the Magic Knights be able to defend Cephiro from the onslaught of invaders?  Will they find out who summoned them to save the world?

This is the start of the second series of Rayearth.  This is supposed to be a stand-alone series; however, many of the characters are returning from the first series.  Thankfully, the author has provided an introduction at the beginning of the book that provides a synopsis of the important characters and plots for those of us who have not read the first series.

Overall this is a fun Manga with plenty of action, magic, and beautifully intricate drawings.  It is rated for readers ages seven and up; however, certain character’s costumes combined with cartoonish  violence (namely giant robot battles) may make it more appropriate for tweens readers.  While so many Manga’s are intended for teen readers, Rayearth provides an excellent introduction to this popular genre for tweens.

Genre: Manga  •  Interest Level: grades 6 and up

Clamp. (2003). Rayearth II: Magic Knight. (Volume 1). Los Angeles, CA : Tokyopop.


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