Bulldog Library

Turtle in Paradise

on September 18, 2013

JF Holm    •    Historical Fiction


Turtle’s mother just got a new job as a live-in housekeeper.  Turtle cannot live with her mother at her new job.  So Turtle is on her way to the Florida Keys to move in with her aunt and cousins.  She has never been to Florida.  She has never met her family.  Will she fit in?  Will she like Florida?  When will she her mother again?

A historical fiction set in the Great Depression, Turtle in Paradise is the story of Turtle’s journey to find her home and family.  The author, Jennifer L. Holm, has done a brilliant job of melding historic people and places from the Florida Keys of the 1930 with cultural details that bring the setting to life for the reader.  Within this beautifully crafted setting, Jennifer L. Holm creates characters and adventures that the reader will not soon forget.  Turtle in Paradise is a thoughtful and poignant story that is highly recommended.

Interest Level: grades 4-8  •  Lexile: 610L  •  AR: 3.7

2014 California Young Reader Nominee

Holm, J. L. (2010). Turtle in Paradise. New York, NY: Random House.


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