Bulldog Library

The Unwanteds

on January 6, 2014

YA F McMann    •    Fantasy & Sci-Fi/Dystopia

Jacket.aspxIn Quill, every thirteen year old must learn his fate.  Those chosen as Wanted will be educated in the ways of the Quillitary.  They will become the elite of Quill and rule the citizens with an iron hand.  Those condemned as Unwanteds will be executed.

Twins Alex and Aaron have long known their fate.  Alex has broken many rules.  Aaron has broken none.  It is no surprise when Aaron is chosen as a Wanted and Alex as an Unwanted.

Resigned to his doom, Alex is lead away from the Purge with the other Unwanteds expecting this to be his last day on earth.  Little could he ever imagine the adventure that awaits him outside the walls of Quill.

The Unwanteds tells the story of Alex and Aaron’s education.  It is the story of the great heights Aaron achieves in the Quillitary, and of the lengths he must go to propel his meteoric rise.   It is the story of Alex’s creative education in art and magic.

The Unwanteds is a creative fantasy story with elements of the dystopian genre.  Readers who have previously enjoyed series like Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, or Percy Jackson and the Olympians are likely to enjoy The Unwanted.

Interest Level: grades 5-8  •  Lexile: 880L  •  AR: 5.7

2014 California Young Reader Winner

McMann, L. (2011).  The Unwanteds.  New York, NY: Aladdin.


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