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Peter and the Starcatchers

on January 10, 2014

JF Barry    •    Fantasy

Jacket.aspxPeter and a group of young orphan boys have boarded a rickety old ship called the Never Land.  They are being shipped to a far away country to spend their lives in the service of an notoriously wicked king.  Little do they suspect that aboard this dreary and dilapidated vessel is stored the greatest treasure ever sent to sea.  Nor do they know that the fearsome pirate Black Stash is hot in the pursuit of their tiny vessel determined to steal the treasure and kill anyone who stands in his way.  Can Peter defeat the pirates and save the treasure?

Peter and the Starcatchers is an action-packed fantasy novel.  It is a prequel to the classic story Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.  It seeks to answer the questions of how Peter Pan learned to fly, stays young forever, and has a fairy friend.  It is a good adventure and quite a fun book to read.

While Peter and the Starcatchers is an interesting re-boot of Peter Pan lore, readers who love Peter Pan should be aware that J.M. Barrie himself answers the question of how Peter learned to fly and why he has fairy friends in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, a book which tells the adventures of the infant Peter.

Interest Level: grades 4-8  • Lexile: 770L  • AR: 5.2

Barry, D. & Pearson, R. (2004). Peter and the Starcatchers. New York, NY: Disney Editions/Hyperion Books for Children.


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