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The Light Princess

on January 24, 2014

FIC MacDonald    •    Fairy-tale & Classic Literature

A good king and a wise queen are overjoyed at the birth of their first child, a baby princess.  In the king’s excitement, he makes one very big mistake: he forgets to invite his sister to the princess’ christening.  Enraged at this slight, the kings sister (who happens to be a wicked witch), curses the infant princess.  She steals the princess’ gravity.  From that day forward, the princess is light in body and mind.

Even 150 years after it was originally published, The Light Princess remains remarkably engrossing.  It is a classic of children’s literature.  While it is a short book, and does not take very long to read, it is highly enjoyable and highly recommended.  If you are a fan of fairy-tales or of the Oz books, than you will almost certainly enjoy George MacDonald’s The Light Princess.

Interest Level: grades 4-8  •  Lexile: 880L  •  AR: 6.3

MacDonald, G. (1864).  The Light Princess.  Retrieved from http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/697


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