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Dog vs. Cat

on August 16, 2014

JE Gall    •    Humor

Cat vs Dog

Cat and Dog are adopted on the same day.  When they are brought to their new home, they learn they must share a room together!  But Cat and Dog have nothing in common.  Cat detests Dog’s untidy habits, and Dog is utterly baffled by Cat’s weird ways.  Can these two ever learn to live together?

Dog vs. Cat is a very funny picture book.  In this brief story, Chris Gall has created a book with a lot of personality. While the odd couple premise of this book is a well worn theme, the well used premise does not diminish the reader’s enjoyment.  Dog vs. Cat is simply a fun book to read.

The illustrations are bright and expressive.  Not only do they bring this wonderful short story to life, but they expand the story and offer humorous moments to augment the humor in the text.  They are filled with little jokes and visual details that invite the reader to linger and explore the lovely illustrations before moving on to the next page.

This is a book that readers will want to read and enjoy at least twice.

Interest Level: grades 2-4  •  Lexile: AD480L  •  AR: 2.6

Gall, C. (2014). Dog vs. Cat. New York, NY: Little, Brown, and Company.


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