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Movie: The Giver

on August 25, 2014

Rating: PG13

The Giver Movie

Eighteen-year-old Jonas is just about to graduate.  On graduation day he will be assigned a job.  His job will be chosen for him by the Elders, and it will be the position he holds for the rest of his life.  For Jonas, this assignment will change the way he sees the world.  It will open his eyes to the truth of the society he lives in and challenge everything he has ever known.

The Giver is beautifully filmed.  It begins in black-and-white.  The film then slowly adds color to Jonas’ world.  The more he learns, the more colorful the world becomes.  This follows the story in the book, but the visual beauty of this transformation is expressed through the movie in a way that the book simply cannot match.  This brilliant use of color adds depth to Jonas’ experience and allows the movie to convey Jonas’ growth and dawning understanding nearly as fully as the book.

This movie is based on Lois Lowry’s Newbery Award winning book The Giver.  While many of the details in the movie are different from the details in the book, the thought provoking ideas presented in the book are also present in the movie.  The movie is not exactly the same as the book, but it does the book justice.

Genre: Dystopia  •  Interest Level: grades 8 and up

Noyce, P. (Director). (2014). The Giver [Motion Picture]. USA: As Is Productions.


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