Bulldog Library


by Kazu Kibuishi

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure  •  Format: Graphic Novel

Emily and her little brother Navin must journey to a strange new world to rescue their mother who has been kidnapped by a bizarre monster.  Aided in this perilous mission by her grandfather’s mysterious amulet, Emily must find the inner strength to harness the magic of the amulet and rescue her mother.

Jacket.aspxThe Stonekeeper  •  AR Reading Level: 2.0  •  AR Points: 1.0

The Stonekeeper’s Curse  •  AR Reading Level: 2.5  •  AR Points: 1.0

The Cloud Searchers  •  AR Reading Level: 2.7  •  AR Points: 1.0

The Last Council  •  AR Reading Level: 2.8  •  AR Points: 1.0

Prince of the Elves  •  AR Reading Level: 2.9  •  AR Points: 1.0


If you enjoyed Amulet, why not try:

Copper by Kazu Kibuishi

Explorer: The Mystery Boxes by Kazu Kibusi

The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins


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