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Billy’s Booger

JE Joyce    •    Memoir & Humor


Billy is unique.  He is immensely creative, but his creativity is often unappreciated.  When the school librarian announces a creative writing contest, Billy knows that this is his time to shine.  He works tirelessly on his mucus-y masterpiece, but can his humorous tale win the creative writing contest?

Billy’s Booger is the memoir of author William Joyce.  It is filled with humor that any kid will enjoy, but it is also an inspirational tale of a kid who followed his dream, dared to be himself, and found his passion in life.

This wonderful story is brought to life with illustrations that are worth lingering over.

Interest Level: grades 1-5  •  Lexile: AD750L  •  AR: 3.5

Joyce, W. (2015). Billy’s Booger: a memoir (sorta). New York, NY : Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

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Ninja Red Riding Hood

JE Schwartz    •    Fairytale/Humor

Ninja Red Riding Hood

The big bad wolf is hungry.  He can’t catch any dinner because his prey knows Karate.  So the big bad wolf decides to become a ninja master.

You know a book is going to be good when it begins “Once upon a ninja-filled time”!  Ninja Red Riding Hood does not disappoint.  It is a wonderful, ninja-filled twist to the time-worn tale of Little Red Riding Hood.  If you love ninjas, or twisted fairytales, like Cinderella SkeletonThe True Story of the Three Little Pigs, or The Frog Prince Continued, than you are sure to enjoy this off-beat and cleaver retelling.

Interest Level: Grades 2-5  •  Lexile: AD570L  •  AR: 3.4

Schwartz, C. R. (2014). Ninja Red Riding Hood. New York , NY: Putnam Juvenile.

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Dog vs. Cat

JE Gall    •    Humor

Cat vs Dog

Cat and Dog are adopted on the same day.  When they are brought to their new home, they learn they must share a room together!  But Cat and Dog have nothing in common.  Cat detests Dog’s untidy habits, and Dog is utterly baffled by Cat’s weird ways.  Can these two ever learn to live together?

Dog vs. Cat is a very funny picture book.  In this brief story, Chris Gall has created a book with a lot of personality. While the odd couple premise of this book is a well worn theme, the well used premise does not diminish the reader’s enjoyment.  Dog vs. Cat is simply a fun book to read.

The illustrations are bright and expressive.  Not only do they bring this wonderful short story to life, but they expand the story and offer humorous moments to augment the humor in the text.  They are filled with little jokes and visual details that invite the reader to linger and explore the lovely illustrations before moving on to the next page.

This is a book that readers will want to read and enjoy at least twice.

Interest Level: grades 2-4  •  Lexile: AD480L  •  AR: 2.6

Gall, C. (2014). Dog vs. Cat. New York, NY: Little, Brown, and Company.

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Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale

398.2 Deedy    •    Folktale


When the time comes for the beautiful Martina to find a husband her grandmother gives her some wise advice.  Her grandmother tells her that she must spill coffee on each of her suitors in order to determine their true character.  Martina is hesitant, but she obeys.  Her first three suitors all quickly show there true colors when she spills the coffee on them.   Martina is glad to be rid of them.  Her grandmother then introduces her to a fourth suitor, a shy mouse.  Martina likes him right away, but her grandmother insists that she pour coffee on him too.  Will she drive this new suitor away too?

The illustrations in this picture book are  stunning.  The artist has used dramatic color schemes and unusual perspective to create uniquely beautiful compositions.  These images provide the backdrop for the retelling of this traditional Cuban folktale about wisdom, family, and love.  Readers will enjoy the unexpected twists, beautiful pictures and rhymes in this award winning picture book.  This is a book that just begs to be read aloud!

Interest Level: grades K-4  •  Lexile: AD720L  •  AR: 3.1

2011 California Young Reader Medal

Deedy, C. A. (2007)  Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale.  (Michael Austin, Illustrator).  Atlanta, GA: Peachtree.

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JE Pickly    •    AR Reading Level: 4.2    •    AR Points: 0.5    •    Quiz #11645


When the mice of Mousopolis have a barbeque, they unknowingly wake an ancient evil, a killer Corgi with known only as “Dogzilla”! This enormous monster of a dog emerges from a dormant volcano following the lovely smell of the cook-out.  Dogzilla rampages through the city sniffing everything, eating everything, and (when she is done eating the mice’s barbeque) sets to work chewing on the furniture store!  The mice are terrified, how will they ever rid themselves of terrible Dogzilla and end her reign of destruction?  How can a mouse, even an army of mice, defeat a gigantic Corgi monster?!  The mice of Mousopolis will need every ounce of cunning and bravery they have to save the city!

On the opening page of Dogzilla, Dav Pilkey warns readers “This book has been rated EG extremely goofy: Some materials may be too goofy for grown-ups.”  This warning should be heeded.  Dogzilla is goofy, silly, and wittily wonderful.  Children (and adults who are still kids at heart) will laugh out loud with every turn of the page in this uproariously funny book which stars the authors own pet Corgi as Dogzilla.  If you are a fan of Dav Pilkey, author of the Captian Underpants and Ricky Ricotta books, or a just simply a reader looking for a very funny book, than Dogzilla is an absolute must read!

Genre: Humor  •  Interest Level: grades 3-5

Pilkey, D. (1993).  Dogzilla.  San Diego, CA: Harcourt Inc.

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