Bulldog Library

Edge Chronicles

by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Genre: Fantasy Adventure

The Edge Chronicles is a action-packed fantasy series full of bizarre and fantastic monsters.  Mortal peril lurks behind every bend in the road.   Twig must overcome each the overwhelming dangers in order to find his destiny.

Jacket.aspx Beyond the Deepwoods  •  AR Reading Level: 4.9  •  AR Points: 7.0

 Stormchaser  •  AR Reading Level: 5.4  •  AR Points: 11.0

 Midnight Over Sanctaphrax  •  AR Reading Level: 5.1  •  AR Points: 10.0

 The Curse of the Gloamglozer  •  AR Reading Level: 5.4  •  AR Points: 12.0

 The Last of the Sky Pirates  •  AR Reading Level: 5.7  •  AR Points: 12.0

 Vox  •  AR Reading Level: 6.3  •  AR Points: 13.0

 Freeglader  •  AR Reading Level: 6.4  •  AR Points: 13.0

 The Winter Knights  •  AR Reading Level: 7.2  •  AR Points: 13.0

 Clash of the Sky Galleons  •  AR Reading Level: 7.3  •  AR Points: 14.0

 The Immortals  •  AR Reading Level: 7.7  •  AR Points: 30.0


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