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How to Train Your Dragon

by Cressida Cowell

Genre: Humor/Fantasy

Hiccup is an unusual Viking.  Where most Viking’s yell at their dragons, Hiccup talks to his.  Will Hiccup be able to train his dragon without yelling?  His teacher highly doubts it.  (This book is very different from the movie of the same name; however, if you enjoyed the movie, you will almost certainly enjoy the book as well.)

Jacket.aspx How to Train Your Dragon  •  AR Reading Level: 6.6  •  AR Points: 5.0

 How to be a Pirate  •  AR Reading Level: 6.5  •  AR Points: 5.0

 How to Speak Dragonese  •  AR Reading Level: 6.5  •  AR Points: 5.0

 How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse  •  AR Reading Level: 6.8  •  AR Points: 5.0

 How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale  •  AR Reading Level: 6.9  •  AR Points: 5.0

 A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons  •  AR Reading Level: 6.9  •  AR Points: 4.0

 How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm  •  AR Reading Level: 6.9  •  AR Points: 6.0

 How to Break a Dragon’s Heart  •  AR Reading Level: 6.4  •  AR Points: 6.0

 How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword  •  AR Reading Level: 6.3  •  AR Points: 8.0

 How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel

Other How to Train Your Dragon Books

How to Train Your Viking, by Toothless the Dragon

Hiccup: The Seasick Viking  •  AR Reading Level: 4.6  •  AR Points: 0.5

The Day of the Dreader 


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