Bulldog Library

Keys to the Kingdom

by Garth Nix

Genre: Fantasy

Keys to the Kingdom tell the story of Aurthur Penhaligon’s surreal quest to rescue all of creation from the corrupt administrations that have seized control of the Universe.  Bizarre but exciting, this is a wild roller coaster of a fantasy adventure.


Mister Monday  •  AR Reading Level: 5.9  •  AR Points: 12.0

Grimm Tuesday  •  AR Reading Level: 6.0  •  AR Points: 10.0

Drowned Wednesday  •  AR Reading Level: 5.9  •  AR Points: 13.0

Sir Thursday  •  AR Reading Level: 6.5  •  AR Points: 12.0

Lady Friday  •  AR Reading Level: 6.0  •  AR Points: 10.0

Superior Saturday  •  AR Reading Level: 6.1  •  AR Points: 9.0

Lord Sunday  •  AR Reading Level: 6.4  •  AR Points: 11.0


If you like the Keys to the Kingdom, why not try these other books by Garth Nix:

Troubletwisters  •  AR Reading Level: 5.9  •  AR Points: 11.0

The Fall  •  AR Reading Level: 5.9  •  AR Points: 6.0


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