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The Homework Help page is the Learning Commons’ knowledge building center.  This is the page to find information resources to help you learn.  It is divided into four parts: 4th grade projects, 5th grade projects, digital citizenship, and interesting sites to explore.  All of the sites linked to are high quality, scholarly, and reputable sources.  Most are links to government sponsored sites like the Library of Congress, the State of California, and the Census Bureau.  This is important because it means that you can trust the information these sites to be accurate and acceptable for school projects.

In the 4th grade projects area, there are links to information on California Missions and the California Gold Rush.  These links will help you as you work on your California Mission Reports and give you additional resources to study as your class experiences the Gold Rush unit at the end of the year.

The 5th grade projects area provides information you can use when working on your group State presentation, your animal memoirs, and information to support your learning about the Revolutionary War.  The animal memoirs section gives the user links to information on many different animals, both domestic and wild.  This will give you valuable information as you research your animal.  It also provides creative writing help to aid you as you create the story of your animal’s life.

The digital citizen ship area gives students and staff important information on digital citizenship, copyright, and bibliographic citation.  This area will help you to become a responsible citizens on line who use information fairy and responsibly.

Finally, the interesting sites section provides links to cool educational websites for you to explore.  The information provided here is for you to satisfy your own intellectual curiosity.  Learn the answers to question you have.  Explore topics you find interesting.  This is not for school, this is for fun!  Enjoy!

Homework Help Menu

The Homework Help menu has four unique options: the school database, the SDCL database, the SDCL catalog, and JIS learning resources.

The school database links to the database that the school subscribes to through the San Diego County Office of Education.  This site requires a username and password that can be provided to you by your teacher or librarian.

The SDCL database offers homework help and encyclopedias provided by the San Diego County Library.  These databases require you to have a library card with the San Diego County Library.

The SDCL catalog option links you to the San Diego County Library online public access catalog (OPAC).  You can use this to find cool books and, if you have a library card with the county library, you can request it online so that you know it will be ready and waiting just for you.  You can even checkout and download ebooks and audiobooks straight from the county library.  It is an excellent resource to become familiar with.

The JIS learning resources option links you to the learning resources page of the JIS website.  This page gives links for the educational resources recommended by the school.

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