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Reading Room Tutorial

Bulldog Library is here to help tweens find great books to read!  This section of the Learning Commons offers reviews of tween books,  pathfinders (lists of books on a given topic, like dogscats, or horses), and even entire ebooks that you can read.

The Reading Room page offers readers lists of books in four areas: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.

The reading area of the page has two lists: Bulldogs’ Favorite Books and the Best of the Year.  The Bulldogs’ Favorite Books give readers an idea of what their classmates are reading.  This list is based on circulation statistics and requests.  It will be updated periodically to reflect your current interests.  The Best of the Year list highlights award winning books.  Together these two lists give readers suggestions for popular books and books of merit to help readers choose their next book.

The listening area of the page also provides two lists: Great Audiobooks and LibriVox: free public domain audiobooks These lists help readers wanting to find a great book to listen to.  The Great Audiobooks lists recommended audiobooks.  These audiobooks have both wonderful stories and talented readers.  They are a pleasure to listen too.  The LibriVox: free public domain audiobooks list gives titles and links to LibriVox audiobooks.  These are public domain audiobooks that are free to listen to online or download.  These are public domain books read by volunteers.  In general, the quality is not as high as the commercially produced audiobooks available through the public library; however, the ones recommended for this list have all been selected because the books tell wonderful stories and readers are proficient.

The writing area provides a list of books that offer writing help for kids and links to websites that also offer writing advice for students.

The speaking area provides a short list of books that give advice on public speaking.  These resources should be helpful for students needing to give oral reports for a class.

Reading Room Menu

Using the Book Review Blog, you can search for books by subject, AR reading level, titleauthorseries, or keyword.

To search by subject, use the tag cloud below the menu on the blog page.  You can browse the tags to find a topic that interests you like aliens, fairies, humor, or graphic novels.

To search by AR reading Level, use the category list available below the tag cloud on the blog page.  The AR reading levels are coded by color categories. To search by AR reading level, click on the color that corresponds to your reading level:

1.0-1.5 = yellow

1.6-2.0 = green

2.1-2.5 = blue

2.6-3.0 = red

3.1-3.5 = pink

3.6-4.0 = tan

4.1-4.5 = orange

4.6-5.0 = black

5.1-6.9 = purple

7.0-      = gray

For more information on AR reading levels please visit arbookfind.com.  This page is linked to through the AR Book Finder option in the Reading Room menu.

The I want to read about option in the Reading Room menu leads readers the the Bulldog Library pathfinders.  On this page readers will see many topics like dogsdragons, and zombies.  Clicking on an interesting topic will bring users to list of great books on that topic.

The Ebooks tab takes readers to a list of ebooks that you can read on Bulldog Library.  These books are all classic children’s literature in the public domain.  They represent some of the best children’s books ever written including: Anne of Green Gables, Call of the Wild, and L. Frank Baum’s entire Oz series.  If you need a good book to read, but can’t get to the library, this page provides books that you can access any day, any time, and any place.

The Popular Series  tab offers readers links to series pages for 36 of the most popular series in the library.  Each of the series pages lists the series title, author, and genre.  The pages then list the order of the books in the series, and offers read-a-like suggestions for fans who are looking for new books to try.  Use these pages to help you find a great new series or new books to try that are similar to your favorite series.

The Book Trailer tab provides links to short videos about ten different books.  These videos will give you a small introduction to the book so that you decide if it is a book you would like to read.

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